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League rules ( one clarification)
1. Games last up to 75 minutes, the last action that started on 75th minute has to be completed, if it is a shootout it must end. The player with higher CP wins. (If both players wish to finish the game no matter what they can,
but I don't want to add it into the rules)
2. No more than 20% of games against one player at trigger points which are 10,15,20 and then every 5 games, so maximum 2 games in first 10 games, max 3 in 15, max 4 in 20 etc.
3. There is no restrictions on decks, you can play different decks and outfit in each of league games. The cards are legal to play three days after they release on OCTGN, or immediately on release if both players agree on this.
4. If neither of the players wants to reveal their outfit played as the first one, please start countdown in chat and both players should type first letter of used outfit at the same time
5. If mistake happens, please try to revert game to its proper state. Sometimes it is impossible to say if opponent is honest, so during shootout, drawing /redrawing should be repeated. When other player accidentally draws extra card during noon, he should put back that card back on his deck and then shuffle it.
6. Please make screenshot when game ends.
7. The winner reports the win, please add in a comment section outfits used in the match. Also a loser of a game should verify the game as soon as possible.