What is a Challenge Board? Well, it's bascially a ladder system where participants can challenge each other to a game of [insert your game here]. The results of the game determine whether you move up or down on the ladder. It's that simple.

Many online games already offer this type of competitive environment by default. However, often "offline" competitions have to orchestrate these ladders themselves. That's where ChallengeBoards.net fits in. We want to help take the pain out of that process.

Helping Out

The software that runs ChallengeBoards.net is open source. That means if you want to run your private version of ChallengeBoards.net, you can! That also means that if you want to see some cool new features added, you can help write them.

If you have any feature requests or bug reports, feel free to let us know! The following individuals have made valuable contributions to the project.


  • 03.05.2015 - Added match withdrawls. You can now withdraw submitted matches by clicking the auto-verification link for the match.
  • 02.25.2015 - Unofficial standings are now available. They give a clearer picture of the standings that include unapproved matches.