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Hello Netrunner Universe,

I am very excited to launch the first Official SimHack OCTGN League with @SneakySly. There has been a big demand, so here we go!

-First and foremost here, while OCTGN is a great interface, please do your homework and know how to use OCTGN prior to entering any league games. OCTGN is not entirely intuitive, but thankfully Tuism (from BGG) made an excellent easy to use OCTGN GUIDE  (

-We will be using this website as our league host. You will need to "register" for BOTH the website and for the specific league. The league is called "The Official Stimhack League

"Please make your names on OCTGN, Stimhack, and the league website as close to the same as possible to avoid confusion for your opponents!

-The league will start 07/20/2014 and conclude 09/20/2014.-When you start a league game, just make sure you have "Stimhack League" in the title. It will deter non league players, and let other Stimhack league players you are looking for a game. I suggest starting a thread for scheduling games.

-There will be no minimum or maximum number of games you can play. Play anytime, as much as you like. The winner will report the game, and loser will have 36 hours to "reject" the game if there is a discrepancy. It's also nice if you are the loser to go ahead and "verify" the loss, this will speed along the scoring of the game.

-You are not required to play a full match, playing only one side is ok. Although to keep in the spirit of Netrunner please mix up who you play and which side you play as much as possible.

-Play any legal decks you like. For simplicity sake, if the cards are "rezzed" on OCTGN, then they are available for league play.

-It rates on an ELO system. It's not perfect, but it's as good as I have. If you have a better system, pitch it to @SneakySly and maybe you can run the next event.

I think that about does it. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Good Luck!