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Hello Netrunner Community,

Given *gesticulates at window* it seems like our hopes to go outside soon and play in person again are a bit stymied for the near future. So we're (Doomrat, Ysengrin, Skry) excited to bring back League format play. Over the month of September (starting 2021/09/1 0:00 UTC, and closing 2021/09/30 23:59 UTC) play any number of games against other opponents signed up in the league. At the end of the month, the top 8 will do an elim bracket. And we will start up the next league before finals are sorted out.

To participate:

  • Register on this board with a name similar to your usename
  • Join the Nisei Online Event Hub- we have a dedication section of channels, include #lfg and #judge-calls. We cannot reliably provide judge calls during play (we will not judge our own games), but should be able to resolve disputes within ~12 hours.
  • Understand and follow the Nisei Code of Conduct
  • Prepare your Standard legal decks. You can change your decks as much and as often as you like
  • Play games. Either use the LFG channel to organize, or post a game with "Stimhack League" in the title
  • When your game starts verify that your opponent is signed up for the Stimhack League
  • After each game the winner reports the result, and comment which side you played. The loser can and should confirm the game, but if they don't it will auto-confirm in 36 hours.
  • If your opponent disconnected/leaves the game, do not report a result, but do let one of the admins know. Life happens, so a few disconnects are not an issue, this is just to track serial disconnects.In the future we might opt for some format changes (different banlists/unrotation/etc.) but figured it makes sense to start nice and plain.
Challenge Board uses an ELO system, so being beaten by better players does not have a big influence on your standings, but winning can rocket you up!



You are strongly encouraged, though not required, to play both sides equally. If we discover some has a played a very high percentage with only one side (we are not nailing down an exact % yet, but aim for no worse than 60-40), we reserve the right to exclude them from the cut.