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elcome to the Legion Ladder! This will be a new form of online league play for Star Wars: Legion.

Here's how it works:

  • There are no pairings, matchups, or similar -- join the league whenever you want and play against anyone you like!

  • The site will automatically evaluate player ratings based on their performance in the league. Winning will gain points and losing will lose points. If you play against someone ranked above you, you will gain more with a win and lose less with a loss -- similarly, if you play against someone ranked below you, you will gain less with a win and lose more with a loss.

  • Anyone can feel free to join the league and coordinate with opponents by whatever means! There is a popular Legion Discord server at, so using that might be a good way to find opponents.

  • In order for a game to count towards the ladder, both players need to know that it is a ladder game (no "surprise, I'm registering this!" or similar) and both people need to be signed up for ladder play. Feel free to create public lobbies called "Ladder game" or similar and point people towards this site to sign up, though!

  • If both players agree, games played in person and/or at other events can count towards this ladder as well! This includes other TTS events such as the Invader League, just make sure both players agree beforehand!

  • After completing a ladder game, the winner should use the board website to report a game. Their opponent will then receive a message saying a game has been reported, and should verify the result in order to update the standings as quickly as possible. In the event that an opponent reports a false result against you or accidentally selects the wrong person as having being their opponent, use the "Reject" button instead. Matches will automatically verify after 72 hours if no action is taken.

  • It is recommended though not mandatory that you use the comments field in the match report to briefly describe the result -- for instance, you might write:

    "My Rex/Padme/Tank defeats Iden/Krennic 3-2 in Payload on Scarif."

  • This season of the ladder will run from now (June 3rd, 2020) to August 3rd, 2020. At the end of the season, there will be a "top cut" where a selection of top players will be invited to an online tournament based on their ladder standing.

  • The top cut rules are as follows:
    • To qualify for the top cut, you must have played:
      • At least games this season
      • Against at least different opponents this season

    • The top cut will be either the top 16 (by ladder Elo rating) or as many qualified players as we can get if fewer than 16 players qualify.

    • Top cut format will be single elimination with standard seeding according to league performance (so the #1 player will play the #16 player, the #2 player will play the #15 player, etc.)

    • If any of the top 16 players decline to play, the next most qualified player will take their spot instead.

    • I (TowerNumberNine) am ineligible for the top cut unless adding me would allow us to avoid having a bye, and even then I'm only eligible if I actually "made it". 

    • The winner of the top cut will receive any one available Star Wars: Legion unit box of his or her choice. The second-place player will receive any one available Star Wars: Legion character box of his or her choice.

The in-game rules are:

  • Anything that is uploaded to the Tabletop Simulator mod is legal by default -- if something is unreleased in real life but is out on Tabletop Simulator, go ahead!

  • If something has been previewed in real life but isn't in Tabletop Simulator, you can use it with opponent's consent only. For instance, as of this writing Gideon Hask and Del Meeko have been previewed, but are not in the mod. You can use these models with appropriate proxies in a ladder game, but only if the opponent agrees!

  • Feel free to switch lists or even factions in between games! If you want to play some of your ladder games with one faction and some with another, go right ahead -- if you want to stick with one faction that you really like, that's fine too!

  • The in-game timer can be used or not used as you see fit, just make sure you and your opponent are clear on whether or not a game will be timed and whether you want to start the timer before or after setup. If you are playing a timed game and time runs out, finish the current round and then tally up points, and mark in the comments that the game went to time when you report your score.

  • All official rulings in the RRG and the FFG Rules Forum are active for this league, as are developer email rulings/clarifications.

  • I suggest using the "random tournament map" button in the TTS mod to set up the map, though if both players agree they can do something else.

  • This league is for 800-point games only; we will have a separate ladder for 500-point games once the mod has a more standardized way to play them.

  • For the purposes of this ladder, weapons with Lethal choose whether to use Lethal after attack dice are rolled but before defense dice are rolled, during the same time window that you would otherwise spend aim tokens. Spending an aim token on Lethal means you do not get the normal benefit of that aim token.

  • For the purposes of this ladder, the objective counters from the Bombing Run mission are removed after detonating.

  • For the purposes of this ladder, you may not engage a hostage carrier unit with a Scout move, Scouting Party, a Cad Bane token, or any other method that would allow you to engage them in melee on or before turn 1,

  • This should go without saying, but please play in a sportsmanlike and friendly fashion. I want this to be a welcoming and fun community. If there are any disputes or problems, please contact me via Discord at TowerNumberNine#3685 and I will try to work something out.
Thanks for your interest and good luck, have fun!