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The rules:

1. There is no restriction on decks and factions, in each game you can use different one.  All official Doomtown: Reloaded cards are legal.

2. Time limit is 55 minutes by default, unless both players explicitly agree otherwise before the game starts.  A 10 minute warning is required, and when time is called the game immediately moves to sundown (same as the current DtR floor rules).

3. Maximum 20% of games can be played against one player at trigger points which are: 10 games and then every 5 next games.  You can only play one person 2 times during your first 10 games, then once every 5 additional games.

Example:  I play Swider twice in a row, then cannot play him again until we both have 10 games under our belts.  At that point, we can play once more, and once we both have 15 games reported we can then play again.

4. Current DtR tournament rules apply to determine winner.  Of particular note is that we have a new rulebook and errata, and as always the league uses the latest tournament-official rules.

FAQ & Errata:


Normal win condition rules apply up until the time limit is reached.  Then, if the time limit is reached and there is no clear winner, immediately go to sundown and each player adds up the total of their control + influence.  Highest total wins, and if that is also tied then the highest CP total wins.  See the official rules for further tie breakers after that.

5. Minimum of 6 games (average of 2 per week) is required to move onto the semi finals.

Top four players qualify to semi finals, first player would play against fourth and second against third. Due to time differences between players, by default semi final will be one game match ( unless both players agree for best of three), and a final will be best of three.  By default the best of three games should all use the same deck, unless both players agree otherwise.

6.  Have fun and be respectful!  This league, while competitive, is just as much about community.

Additional information.

1. Please make screenshots at the end of the games, there were very few mistakes when people reported the games and screenshots help to sort them out.

2. Make sure that you both want to play a league game and you know who you play against, some people use different nicknames on challengeboards and OCTGN.

3.  For discussion, arranging games, or announcing availability you can either post on this discussion area of challengeboard, or use this facebook group:
There is also a Discord channel, but the links expire a couple days after posting so please post and ask for the link.