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OCTGN Android Netrunner League: Fear and Loathing in New Angeles


Welcome to the OCTGN Android Netrunner: Fear and Loathing in New Angeles. The OCTGN tag used for matches of this league will be [BGG-L05].

Overview of the League

The main goal of the league is to provide a competitive playing environment for OCTGN players, without the hassle of pre-arranging matches and being available at a specific time. This league will run 1 month:

  • Begins: March 15th, 2014
  • Ends: April 15th, 2014
  • Bring any decks that you like.  You do not need to keep the same decks.  However, you may only use cards that have officially been released by Fantasy Flight Games. If a datapack is released during the league (or a full spoiler is out, and it's about to be released within days), as soon as it becomes available on OCTGN it is legal to use in the league.
  • Play against anybody on the ladder.
  • There is no restriction on whom you can play or how many times you can play them.  Try to mix it up as much as you can.
The rankings will use a standard ELO system.  The exact formula is available in the GitHub repository for those that are interested.

You will need to have completed 10 matches by the end of the season in order to be considered in the final league results.  Please refer to match structure to see what constitutes a match.

Match Structure

  • A league match will consist of 1 game, not 2 as you may be used to.
  • This is to reduce the time needed to play a league match - if you have an hour free, you definitely have enough time for a league match! Depending on the duration of the games, you may be able to play more than 1.
  • The winner of the game wins the match.  There will never be any ties.
  • Corp / Runner is randomly determined for the first match between two players. Use a coin flip or dice roll app if needed. Alternatively, one player may ask to play a specific side in the first game.
  • If consecutive matches are played, players swap sides between them.  You may play as many as you like.
Over the long term players should play each side roughly equally.

Match Reporting

The winner of a match will report it to the site. Ties are not possible given the current match structure. The minimum info requested for the Comments section is to specify which side won, i.e. Runner or Corp. An email notification will be sent out to the other player informing them of the match being reported. If correct, the player that lost the match is asked to verify the match - find the match in question on the Pending Matches tab, click on the highlighted hour count in the far right column, type "VERIFY" in the text field and click on "Finalize Match".

After the match has been reported, the other player will have 28 hours in which to reject the result, if it is not correct. If this time period expires, the match becomes official and ratings will be adjusted.

Note: Report matches in order of completing them.  It can have an impact on your rating if they are reported out of sequence.  It's best to report them immediately after completion.  It only takes a second! 

Finding Opponents

Finding opponents on the ladder is up to you.  Below are a few ideas on scheduling a match.

  • Create a game with a title that includes the league's tag [BGG-L05]. Example: [BGG-L05] ANR league game. If somebody joins that isn't part of the league, encourage them to join!
  • Post in the league discussion area.
  • Ask around in chat on OCTGN.
  • /msg somebody in the league on chat.

If the client disconnects prior to a match's completion, the match does not count. You may replay it in it’s entirety.  Please contact one of the league managers if you believe an opponent is maliciously disconnecting. Malvoli0 (on BoardGameGeek)

Dbzero's Game Naming Request

Dbzero has requested that the tag [BGG-L05], with brackets, be included somewhere in the game's name. This will allow him to track various statistics about the league. Please add this tag to the game name when hosting a league match.

Voice Chat

Dbzer0 has been kind enough to volunteer his mumble server for use. Mumble is a client/server voice chat application that we can use to talk during our matches.  Not mandatory, but encouraged as talking with the other player during the match is great!  Find out how to connect and use mumble!

For questions or comments contact Malvoli0 on challengeboards or BGG geek mail. Please include ‘OCTGN-League: {topic}’ in the title of your geekmail.


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