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Hi everyone,

Last week saw the conclusion of the first #UK StimHack League, with John O’Brien crowned champion in a nailbiting final after Ciaran Maxey missed the Explodapalooza that Johno’d carefully put out there on about turn 1. For those of you who missed it, the streamed games are available on Ben Ni’s YouTube channel (and are well worth watching, for both the commentary and the game play).

We took some soundings from the community about the format of the league itself, and the finals, and have made some changes to the format of #UK StimHack League 2, which will start on Saturday 17th September).

The first league lasted for 3 weeks, and at least 16 completed games were required as a pre-requisite for making the finals. Feedback was that a slightly longer duration, and a lower hurdle, would be better, and so the second league will run for 4 weeks, with 12 completed games required to qualify.

Secondly, a number of people said that they’d stopped playing after it became clear that they wouldn’t qualify - and we want to encourage people to keep going, you never know when you’ll hit a hot streak! So, all those players who log 12 completed games will get a special limited edition custom alt-art - AstroBrook Shallot Program.

We will stick with the top 4 players who’ve completed 12 games making into the finals, but the format of the final will be double elimination rather than round robin.

Good luck and have fun - if you have any questions, ping tolaasin or emilyspine on #uk