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The standard for games in this league is without a time limit, with custom builds and without promo cards. If both players agree to differ from this setup its up to them to play with time limit and/or promo cards. The main intention of this league is to have fun and to find other players :).

How to play MW via Octgn:
Here is a list of Octgn players together with a beginners guide to playing MW via Octgn:

How to find other players in the league: Try to contact the players from the league in Octgn or the Mage Wars forum. In the forum there is a list with active Octgn players (same link as above):

How to validate a match:

Click on Match Activity. Here you should see the game your opponent reported. Now, in the last column click on the time remaining till auto verification. A window will appear allowing you to verify the match. If you dont verify the match, your game and all subsequent games of you and your opponent will not show up in the standings until the auto verification.

Here is some more information (I got it from this site, after clicking on Match Activity and then clicking  match approval process):


You have successfully joined Mage Wars. The starting rating for this challenge board is 1500. You can improve your rating by playing matches with your fellow players.

Ranking Calculations

The challenge board uses a standard Elo ranking system. Elo was developed by Arpad Elo for use in competitive chess associations. Over time variations of it have become staple algorithms in ladder based competitions.We use a 3 tier K-Factor that breaks out in the following levels:
  • 32 KFactor - Starting Rating to Starting Rating * 1.3125
  • 24 KFactor - Starting Rating * 1.3125 to Starting Rating * 1.5
  • 16 KFactor - Over Starting Rating * 1.5
The main take away from this should be that as your rank gets higher, your KFactor decreases. The effect of this is that you will lose less rating in losses the higher you are up on the ladder.

Match Submission

Match winners are responsible for reporting the outcome of their match to the board. To report a match, fill out the requested information and validate the match. If everything checks out, you'll be prompted with a final confirmation and estimated ranking changes. Once a match is submitted, it enters the match approval process.

Match Approval Process

Once a match is reported, the loser will be notified via email and have 24 hour(s) to finalize the match result. This is done by visiting the match activity section, locating the match in question, and clicking the verification link. From there, you will have two options:
  1. Verify - Verifying a match will mark the result as accepted by the loser. If there aren't any matches requiring finalization for either player, the the results will be posted immediately. If there are outstanding matches, the verified match will be held in queue until the other matches are finalized.
  2. Reject - Rejecting a match should be used if a match was reported incorrectly. Matches that are rejected will no longer count for or against either participant. The reporter will be given a report strike. These strikes can be seen by the league organizer and do not serve any other purpose.
Finalizing matches brings the standings up to date more quickly than waiting for them to auto-verify. You should try to finalize your matches as quickly as possible.If no action is taken prior to the auto-verification deadline, the match result will verify automatically. Again, the results will become permanent and the participants' ratings will be adjusted.

Player Profiles

You can view individual player profiles by clicking on their name in the standings. There you will find various useful statistics such as wins, losses, ranking, etc. Recent matches and head to head statistics are also found here. To view your own profile by clicking the options drop-down and selecting "your profile".